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T he P atio C art S ystem
Perfect for Patio and Poolside!!!

Tips, Suggestion, & Information
on selecting a cooker.

Cart shown with two burners.

* Massive 36" x 14" top
* Eight spoke cook top over each burner
* Individual valves on eacs burber
* Choice of high & low pressure burners
* Wheels and tank rack
* Comes complete with manifold, hose, and regulator.
* Over seventy pounds of premium construction

Cart Top with 2 burners and one insert.

The modular manifold system allows two or three burners to be independently controlled. Each position has a swivel union, which makes it very simple to add or rearrange burners. The legs on the top unit accommodate the manifold, when used as a table top unit. When purchased with two burners, the third position is plugged but may be used when adding third burner

The camp stove cart system has several features that make it a pleasure to own and use. As a complete unit, it is both a very attractive and functional unit. This cart is perfect for pool side, patio, carport, or anywhere else a mobile cooking appliance is needed.

Our cart system can be set up with two or three burners. Since the burners and inserts may be arranged in any order, adding another burner (up to a total of 3) is quite easy and may be done at any time.

Removing the top is a very simple procedure which provides another unique and useful feature. The top becomes a complete tabletop cooking unit which stands about 12" tall. The top may be purchased as a separate unit with two or three burners. The base kit can be added later to convert the top to a cart.

Complete disassembly/assembly takes only a few minutes and requires only one small wrench. This would only be necessary for storing or transporting when space is limited.

If you need more work area the accessory Wing works quite well on either end or both ends of the cart system. You can add up to 24" x 14" of additional work area with a Wing on both ends.

Burner insert and cart insert.

Model CART2 ---complete cart with 2 burners---- Price $269.95
Shipping weight 69#


Model CART3 ---complete cart with 3 burners---- Price $299.95
Shipping weight 71#


Model CTOP2 --- cart top only with 2 burners---- Price $187.95
Shipping weight 41#


Model CTOP3 --- cart top only with 3 burners---- Price $218.95
Shipping weight 45#


Model CBURN --- cart burner insert ---- Price $49.95
Shipping weight 16#


Model CSB42 --- cart base unit---- Price $87.95
Shipping weight 23#


Cart shown with Wind Guard.
Wind Guards are available for this cooker.

Add on Cooker for Cart System

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