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T ips, S uggestions, & I nformation
These may help you pick a cooker.!!!

You will discover, as you look through our catalog or homepages, that The Cajun Shoppe markets many sizes and styles of propane cookers. Each of these cookers has a place in the outdoor cooking world. If you are already experienced in outdoor cooking, you probably don't need to read this page. However, if you are new to the outdoor cooking game, the following information may be helpful.

High pressure or low pressure???

One of the first decisions you will have to make is whether you need a high pressure or a low pressure burner. A low pressure cast will produce about 40,000 BTU and resembles the same type flame found on a normal kitchen stove. A high pressure cast will produce four times the heat or about 160,000 BTU. If you know for sure that you will never need a high output heat source, then a low pressure cooker will work. The thing to remember is a high pressure cast can be turned down to produce a small heat source while a low pressure cannot be turned up to produce a high output heat source.When cooking outdoors, one of the biggest factors to consider is the wind, which can account for a high heat loss. Most of customer seem to prefer the cookers with high pressure burners.

Single, double, or triple burner???

A single burner unit is used primarily by outdoor chefs who cook a one dish meal for a small group of people. If your meal includes more than one item to cook or if you are cooking for more than a few people you will need two or three heat sources. This can be accomplished by either buying extra single burner units or by buying a two, three, or four burner unit. All of our multi-burner cookers have individual controls on each burner.

What height???

A simple rule of thumb used to determine the best height of cooker you need is this; large pots-short cooker, smaller pots-taller cookers. There are a few other considerations when choosing a cooking unit. If you plan to cook on a table top or tail gate then you will need a shorter cooker. We also have several units that allow the height to be easily changed and one unit that has both heights.

Which regulator???

Obviously, a low pressure regulator should be used with a low pressure cast and a high pressure regulator should be used with a high pressure cast. Low pressure regulators deliver about 11 column inches of water or about 5 ounces and are nearly always blue. High pressure regulators may deliver up to 60 pounds of pressure and are nearly always red.

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