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"B ull D og" H eavy D uty C ookers
Our best selling single burner units.

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on selecting a cooker.

Bull Dog 24" tall shown. 12" & 18" tall models available.
Welded and Breakdown Models available

These cookers are designed with strength, durability, and function in mind. The top of this cooker is a large 12" x 12" square made from 1" angle iron and has rounded corners. The cooking surface is made with eight 1" x 1/4" flat bar spokes that are arranged so that they function well with either large or small pots. The legs are also made from 1" x 1/4" flat bar and are designed for strength and stability. The wind screen is heavy duty, 16 gauge sheet metal, even though it is not used for structural strength. These units may be purchased with either a high pressure or a low pressure cast iron burner.

Welded Models

Model BD12 --- Welded Bull Dog 12" tall---- Price $69.95-----Shipping weight 21#


Model BD18 --- Welded Bull Dog 18" tall---- Price $74.95-----Shipping weight 23#


Model BD24 --- Welded Bull Dog 24" tall---- Price $79.95-----Shipping weight 25#

The Cajun Shoppe use this model burner in our Fish Frying Combo.


Break Down Models

The Break Down Models are identical to the original welded Bull Dog units with one exception, the legs are both removable and interchangeable. This feature allows for easy storage and travel. You can change the height of the cooker in a few minutes with no tools.

Model BBD12 --- Breakdown Bull Dog 12" tall---- Price $89.95-----Shipping weight 21#


Model BBD18 --- Breakdown Bull Dog 18" tall---- Price $94.95-----Shipping weight 23#


Model BBD24 --- Breakdown Bull Dog 24" tall---- Price $99.95-----Shipping weight 25#


Combo Special ---- Save $$$
Breakdown Bull Dog with all three sets of legs (12", 18", & 24")
and the proper hose & regulator combo for only $159.95


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