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M odel B 014 D ual B urner
Our best selling dual burner, dual height unit!!!

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* Massive 14" x 28" top (14" x 52" with Wings)
* Eight spoke cook top over each burner
* Removable legs
* Two cooking heights, 12" or 30"
* Leg rack on unit for convenient leg storage
* Heavy duty ball valves
* Choice of high & low pressure burners
* Over forty pounds of premium construction
* Wings may be added to either end or both ends..

This unit has a massive 14" X 28" angle iron top with eight heavy duty spokes over each burner, a 6" wind screen, and removable legs with a handy leg rack on back of unit. It may be purchased with either high or low pressure cast iron burners, and it utilizes heavy duty UL approved valves. With the legs in place, this cooker stands about 30" tall, just the right height for comfortable cooking. With the legs removed and stored in the leg rack, the height of the cooker is about 12", which is perfect for tabletop or tailgate cooking and storage. The addition of our accessory Wings increases the top of this unit up to 14" X 52".

Model B014---- Price $179.95-----Shipping weight 46#



B014 shown with 2 wings, hose & regulator and Wind Guard
Wind guards are available for this cookers.

$$$ Special Save $$$
Model B014 with 2 wings, Wind Guard
and a hose & regulator combo
Price $259.95.....................weight 72#


Wings---- Price $15.95 each-----Shipping weight 6#


Wind Guard for B014---- Price $49.95 each-----Shipping weight 12#


Similar to B014 - with three burners.

Big Brother Model B021
If you think you need more....
Triple Burner - Dual Height

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