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A unt H allie's C ajun P epper S auce
"Sauce C'est Bon" !!!

Since the 1890's, four generations have gathered to make a family pepper sauce so satisfying friends and acquaintances coveted the bottles given or bartered away. Certainly they tasted the heart of the sauce, the secret spices that make it so different from other hot sauces; they also sensed the caring, the pleasure Aunt Hallie's family took in each other's company and the simple joy they could share with this yearly ritual.

Now you can discover Aunt Hallie's creation, a Cajun pepper sauce made with only the heart of fresh Cayenne peppers that have been washed, stemmed and cut by hand. Cooked with fresh onions, garlic and a secret mixture of spices, the sauce is gently pressed, allowing just enough pulp to remain for a sauce so rich and spicy you'll say, "Ca c'est bon!" Make Aunt Hallie's a tradition in your home.

AHCPS01(Original Pepper Sauce)........weight 2#.........$4.95

AHSPS01(Original Pepper Sauce Spicy)........weight 2#.........$4.95

AHJPS01(Jalapano Sauce).....weight 2#.........$4.95


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