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High & Low Pressure Cast

Adjustable length
Premium Two piece Cast

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Cast is shown with 12" nipple (not included). You can use a 3/4" nipple to make the over all length whatever you want with in reason.
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New Extra Large 2 Piece High Pressure Cast Iron Burner. Shown with origina 2 piece cast.
This new cast is similar to our orinal two piece cast but much larger

This cast uses a 1 1/4" nipple (not included). Over all height is 6 1/2". Diameter at top is 6".

Complete cast includes an air shutter, insect guard, and 3/8" flare fitting.

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4" High Pressure Cast Iron Burner
In every test we conducted, this cast out performed every other cast we have tried.

This is the highest quality, highest performance, and the best looking cast we have ever sold.

Cast includes an air shutter, insect guard, and 3/8" flare fitting.

HPOCA4.......$28.95......weight 5#

6" High Pressure Cast Iron Burner

This high pressure cast is similar to the OCA high pressure cast. It has a 6" neck, a large 10 mm bolt, and produces about 160,000BTU.

Cast includes an air shutter and 3/8" flare fitting.

HPB6.......$28.95......weight 5#

Low Pressure Cast
This Low Pressure cast iron burner is used for cooking at lower temperatures.

It is capable of producing up to 40,000 BTU.

Cast includes an air shutter, insect guard, and a 3/8" flare fitting.

LPCAST.........$28.95......weight 5#

Insect Guard
Outdoor cooking appliances are usually stored in areas where small insects, such as spiders and "dirt dobbers" set up housekeeping. These insects have an annoying habit of building their nests inside of small dark places, which includes the inside of a cast iron burner.
Any obstruction in the cast causes a reduction in its performance and requires the cast to be disassembled and cleaned. Our insect guard prevents this problem.

GUARD1........$1.00..........weight 1#

Jet Burners

100,00 - 880,000 BTU's

See entire line

Large Low Pressure Units

Two sizes available

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