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Important note about cookies

This shopping cart uses cookies to maintain the contents of your shopping cart. If your browser has been instructed not to accept cookies, it is impossible for us to keep track of what is in your cart as you surf around our site. That means our Cart will NOT work for you.

If you just HATE cookies and refuse to let them into your house, CajunShoppe has a method for you too (but not nearly as easy as the Cart). You can still surf through our site until you find something that you would like to purchase and then we suggest that you...
... Open a simple text editor such as NOTEPAD and leave it open as you browse.
CUT the DESCRIPTION / ID / PRICE info from off our Webpage and PASTE it into NOTEPAD.
Type in the QUANTITY required.
... Continue shopping ...
Cut and Paste additional products/info into NOTEPAD until you are happy (or broke).
((We are not very picky about how good the order looks, just as long as we can decifer it))
Then find the link at the bottom of the page to our SECURE NON-CART PURCHASE link. This will bring you to a WebForm on our SECURE SERVER where you can fill in the shipping and payment information.
CUT all of your Items out from NOTEPAD and PASTE the info into the box on the form. Not as pretty as a Cart, but just as functional.

The cookies that the CajunShoppe issue are temporary cookies that are deleted by your computer when you close your Browser. If you would like to re-ENABLE cookies on your Browser, here is how to do it on the two most popular browsers...

Internet Explorer (Microsoft IE) version 5. (AOL 5 uses this one also)

From the IE top Menu choose... TOOLS --> INTERNET OPTIONS --> then the SECURITY tab.
... Highlight the INTERNET icon and click the CUSTOM LEVEL button.
   ... scroll down to the COOKIES section and choose  ENABLE or PROMPT
         on the "Allow per-session cookies" for CajunShoppe type cookies...
         and the other "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer" if you like.
      ... Click OK a couple times and you are set.
   You will now enjoy the easy method of Shopping Cart shopping at the CajunShoppe.

Netscape Navigator version 4.
From the Navigator top Menu choose... EDIT ---> PREFERENCES ---> then the ADVANCED item.
... Click the "Accept all cookies" or the "Accept only cookies that get sent back..."
   ... Click the OK button to make the change.
   You will now enjoy the easy method of Shopping Cart shopping at the CajunShoppe.

What exactly is a cookie anyway?

A Cookie is a variable a WebSite sets and your Browser maintains. It is not executable and for the most part, poses no threat. It's usefulness revolves around maintaing state information such as the state of your online shopping cart.

What about privacy?

While it's true that a cookie can be used to track where you've been, each site would have to co-operate with each other (cookies are domain specific). This is most common with "Banner ADs" supplied to many sites by one company. That one company has the ability to "SEE" you at many different sites. CajunShoppe is a small company with NO Banner ADs. We live in our own little world with little contact with the Big Boys and their Banners.
Disabling the saving of new cookies in Netscape is easily done by merely making the file cookies.txt read only. All fresh cookies will vanish as soon as you shut your browser down. IE handles cookies differently and cannot easily be bypassed.

The cookie used by CajunShoppe is a "Cart State ID" pointer that we use to connect you to your cart otherwise, your cart would get misplaced somewhere in cyberspace.

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