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Why should I use Peanut Oil?

Peanut oil is more durable than most other oils. This allows you to reuse your oil and save money. It has a higher flash point than most oils. This makes it safer for frying at high temperatures. It also does not transfer food flavor. This allows you to reuse your oil with different food types. These are just a few examples of why choose peanut oil.

Do I have to use Peanut Oil?

No. When frying whole turkeys started most of the people did not know what peanut oil was. We fried everything in hog lard. If you keep your cooking temperature around 325 degrees, almost any cooking oil will work.

Can I Save my oil and reuse it?

Yes, you can. In order to save your oil you first need to filter it. Once the oil has been properly filtered then it can be stored. You can store the oil in a freezer, a refrigerator or (depending on climate) a garage. As long as it isn't exposed to constant heat or light. The oil be good for several months, and for several reuses.

How can I tell if the oil has gone bad?

A good way to tell if your oil has gone bad is to fry a potato in it. If the potato tastes ok, then the oil should be OK. When in doubt buy new oil.