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You may want to print this page to aid you in getting the Catalog file properly setup on your harddrive. Downloading one of these file to your harddrive will allow you to view our FULL CATALOG on your computer at any time, at your leisure.

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Download Self-Extracting type of a compressed ZIP file to your harddrive. You DO NOT need WINZIP to extract the ACROBAT.pdf file that it contains. You then DOUBLE CLICK on your harddrive's copy of CAT07x.EXE ... which causes the file to extract the CAT07x.pdf file that it contains. The UnZipped copy will go to a new subdirectory/file on your hardrive called C:\CAJUN\CAT07x.pdf . After executing the CAT07x.exe file, you may delete the CAT07x.exe file from your harddrive. You then open/view the CAT07x.pdf file through your ACROBAT program.

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